Preventing falls in the geriatric at-risk population is a priority at all levels of care and Pac Ortho can work with you to provide successful and economical outcomes for all involved.

Our staff will coordinate with you and your staff on all aspects of the assessment, fitting, Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, and utilization of the MBBB brace to lower fall probability and improve patient mobility. Our therapists and reimbursement specialists can walk thru the straight-forward process of a patient at-risk assessment, physician approval, measuring and casting the ankles/feet for a precise fit, and receipt and placement of the brace to the patient. As well, we can explain how Medicare and Medicaid have established reimbursement programs to the therapists for the assessment, fitting and implementation of the brace as well as the patient for the brace itself. Additionally, there is no cost to a SNF or ALF facility or therapy or home health group for the brace itself and there is likely only a potential co-payment to the patient. This is an exceptionally beneficial program to all involved!


1 out of 3

of all older adults fall at least once per year.

The Number One

ranked cause of deaths for those over 65 years old is injuries related to falls.

90% of Individuals

over 90 who suffer a hip fractures will die within 6 months.

90% of Individuals

of all those who fall, suffer injuries that reduce mobility.

Older people

who have suffered a fall are at increased risk of falling again.




are discharged to nursing facilities.



will not return to independent living.



of all hospital based falls result in injury.