The only balance brace clinically proven to reduce postural sway as well as increase postural stability


The Moore Balance Brace treats underlying pathologies that may result in increased fall risk. The MBB is often prescribed bilaterally and comfortably fits into a wide range of footwear. Coupled with physical therapy and a muscle strengthening exercise program, this innovative AFO helps patients maintain balance and stability during walking, resulting in a reduced risk of falling. Extraordinarily light and easy to don, the MBB requires minimal break-in. As a result of its unique design and high patient compliance, the Moore Balance Brace will be the most hassle-free AFO you will ever prescribe.

The Moore Balance Brace was designed in a way that makes it both functionally effective and comfortable to fit into a shoe. The unique design allows for normal range of dorsiflexion and plantarflexion at the ankle for walking, while providing medial and lateral stability. The MBB is a lightweight AFO with a sleek design, making it easy for the patient to wear for extended periods of time. The gauntlet closure design provides ankle stabilization and sensory input, triggering a proprioceptive response.


·  Difficulty walking and/or maintaining balance
·  History of falls
·  Vestibular disorder
·  Chronic ankle Instability
·  Arthritic ankle
·  Stroke Imbalance/foot drop
·  Diabetic peripheral neuropathy
·  Spinal stenosis-Parkinsons
·  Parkinsons
·  Adult acquired flat foot
·  Bunyons
·  Hammer toes


·  Improves balance and reduces the risk of falls by enhancing postural control while minimizing abnormal postural sway.
·  Stabilizes the foot and ankle when weakness and fatigue exists.
·  Stimulates skin receptors providing feedback to the brain.
·  Improves foot clearance reducing the risk of tripping.


The best way for you to assess your risk is to ask your physical therapist to perform a comprehensive balance assessment. Here are some questions you can ask yourself as well.
Fall Risk Assessment Tool


Additional considerations that increase your risk for falls:
·  Have you fallen in the past?
·  Do you have arthritis in your feet or ankles?
·  Do your legs or ankles feel weak or unsteady?
·  Do you drag your feet, stumble or shuffle when walking?
·  Do you find it necessary to grasp stationary objects, like  walls / furniture / rails, to gain balance when walking?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you may have a balance problem that could be improved with the use of the Moore Balance Brace.


The Moore Balance Brace™ (MBB) is the original balance brace and the only one clinically proven to reduce postural sway and increase postural stability.

Developed by Dr. Moore, in 2012, in response to seeing a high number of falls in his geriatric patient population, he recognized that traditional lower extremity bracing had too many limitations and didn’t effectively improve his patients’ stability.